Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Are you KIDDING me with this?

Kellie Pickler. HONEY. You are having dinner with Wolfgang Puck. Sit down and act like an adult before I drag you out back and smack you. Nobody can be THIS dumb for real, and still live.

[pant pant] Whew. I feel better.

What else. It is a crime and a sickening shame that Mandisa isn't up there tonight waiting to be announced as the winner. What an incredible talent.

Did Toni Braxton forget her pants or did she mean to do that? I honestly can't tell.

These little blasts from the pasts are delighting me beyond all reason. Rhonetta? Crystal and her tan? Crazy Dave? The Cher guy? After that episode I went around for DAYS singing "Believe" just like that guy did, and giggling hysterically. I thought Kev was going to kill me.

And the Clay fan that had to pee? I was seriously annoyed that they let him sing, until the real C.A. came out and the guy just lost it.

This is FUN! More to come.

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