Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happier today.

Ahh. Much better. Kev rocks, because he gives me chocolate.

Elizabeth rocks, because she brought home a Six Flags ticket. She got the ticket for excelling in her reading program at school. Proud of her!

Our friends returned from a trip to China last night, laden with gifts. They're SO thoughtful. Elizabeth's whole class got cute little packages of cookies. Elizabeth got a beautiful bookmark with her name on the front in Chinese characters, and the literal translation of the characters on the back. Also a cute toy panda, and an Olympic souvenier pin. All wrapped up in a pretty silk bag. Adorable stuff.

I got a lovely silk decorative piece with amazing embroidery, (sort of like a doily, but absolutely gorgeous. Matches my bedroom colors beautifully.) some pretty stationary, and a pen. I love the pen especially, because Elizabeth's friend K. is the one who chose it for me. It's got pandas and bamboo. Very cute.

Two other moms, and their daughters, got the same things. The four of us are good friends. S. was most annoyed that she didn't get more time to shop. She was looking for robes for all of us, and was upset that she didn't have time to find them. But I was delighted with my goodies - the fact that they were on the other side of the planet, and still thinking of their friends, was wonderful. So sweet.
I talked to her for quite a bit today, getting all the details on their amazing trip. Very cool, and I can't wait to see pics.

Ooh, ooh! Almost forgot. While they were in the silk market, they bought a chenogsam (I think I spelled that right) for their three year old daughter. She had it on today, and it was absolutely precious! S. intended it for dress up clothes, but her daughter wouldn't take it off! She was so cute I couldn't stand it! Heck, it's a silk dress. Wear that sucker to church or something! I told her it was crazy to keep it only for dress up.

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