Thursday, May 11, 2006


Alexander's graduation ceremony started at 6:30. We had to drop the kids off at their classrooms at 6:15. To get good seats, we arrived at 5:45, to find seats in the church worship center. (This is what's called a "mega-church". There aren't pews, but seats like a theater. Each seating section is about 15-20 seats wide) So I headed to the section that would put us directly in front of Alexander. No go, the seats I wanted were saved.

You know how you'll put your coat or handbag on a chair to save it? Someone had arrived before I did with an armload of blankets, and spread blankets over the two front rows, from end to end. They had saved the ENTIRE two front rows for themselves. At least 30 seats. For the graduation of ONE four year old. People, I was hot.

I don't mind seat saving. My friend Betsy told me later that she'd had to stop by the church at about 3:00 that day for something else, and popped in to the worship center to save a seat for her and her hubby. Two seats. To me, that's reasonable. But 30? The ENTIRE two front rows? Am I out of line in thinking that is incredibly rude?

I was really shocked when I found out who it was - it's someone that I really like, and wouldn't have expected her to pull a stunt like that.

So. PSA for the day. If there are well over 100 kids in the preschool graduating class? Try to take two seconds to remember that your kid is only ONE of them, and other families are there too. Yeesh.

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