Thursday, May 11, 2006

Updating on the fly.

Past my bedtime. Waiting for Kev. Updating quickly.

Does it weird people out to know that they've been Googled? Someone told me the other night that she Googled me (Hiya Betsy!!), then was a little apologetic about it. [shrug] I never mind someone Googling us. If you put it out there on the net, well, it's out there. Why is it weird that someone looks at it? I Googled someone a while back. Mentioned it to a third party, and she acted like it was way odd. I don't know. Weird late night thoughts.

I'm so proud of my kids today. Alexander graduated from preschool last night, and was insanely adorable in his wee cap and gown. It was a very long program, and he performed all the songs, dances, and sign language beautifully. Pics to come soon.

Elizabeth got an award at school today for excelling in the AR program. She accumulated the second-most points in her class, and got a Barnes and Noble gift card. She was also invited to participate in Spell Bowl, an academic thingy that's invitation only. You go, girl.

Catherine...well, she was beautiful and charming.

American Idol. Awesome tonight. Elizabeth announced about halfway through that she has the McPheever. That's my girl.

I missed Bones. Suck!

Is that it? Think so. Night.

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