Monday, May 08, 2006

Book Review: Dragon Champion

I recently finished reading Dragon Champion, by E. E. Knight.

Dragon Champion: Book One of the Age of Fire

This is an excellent book!

The main character is a dragon. And the story is told from his point of view from hatching, through his formative years (which are quite entertaining), and up into his adulthood - or drakehood as it's called in the book.

The books is subtitled Book One of the Age of Fire. I guess that means there will be more books set in this same world. Good, I can't wait! This book ends with a happy ending and it could be a perfectly good standalone novel - but if the author, E. E. Knight, can make future installments as good as this, I'll read them!

I'm going to look up some E. E. Knights earlier works too. My local library doesn't have them, so I may have to actually purchase one to see if it's as good, and worth buying more.

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