Saturday, June 10, 2006

MCF Test 13

Yay! MCF gives us another Astonishing Test!

1) What were some of your scariest vehicular experiences, either behind the wheel or as a passenger?

Paying for car repairs!
Okay, really - Probably the most scariest vehicular experience I wasn't really involved directly. I was at work, Rubi was on her way to my parents house to pick up the kids. We got a call at work of a motor vehicle accident close to my parents neighborhood involving a vehicle matching the description of the van Rubi was driving. Just seeing that, and knowing Rubi should be in that area about that time, I got scared for my family's safety. It turns out it was Rubi and the kids involved in the accident, luckily no one was hurt - besides the van. An off-duty officer that lived near there just happened to be behind Rubi when it happened. She called in on her cell phone to report the accident, and I took the call. I told her it that was my wife involved. The officer turned to Rubi, handed her the cell phone, and said "Here, it's for you."

2) Are you going anywhere fun this Summer, and does Summer even mean the same to you as it did when you were younger?

Not going anywhere fun this summer. No, I take that back. Rubi and I plan on going to Bloomington for a small Browncoat Shindig involving a showing of Serenity. Plus maybe a couple of daytrips around the area if we can swing it.
Summer used to mean a break from school and more "me" time. Now it means I get to sleep in until maybe 7 a.m. most days (that's sleeping in for me), I get to sweat a lot, do yard work, do my parents yard work, sweat some more a lot, and run Rubi and the kids all over Creation.
All that in addition to my normal "going to work". Plus, summer means vacations (for my co-workers), and that means I get to work crazy shifts and get some overtime, frequently resulting in the loss of sleep and disruption of normal sleeping patterns. And lots of cranky.

3) What was your favorite childhood toy, and how did it influence you over the course of your life?

I can't say I had one specific favorite toy. For along time, I had a stuffed animal of a cat that was my favorite stuffed animal (he's still in storage at my parents house). I had G.I. Joes, and Transformers, Robolinks... Can't say any one specific toy was my favorite and influenced me.

4) Choose a cartoon, novel or other favorite work of fiction that's never been made into a movie, and tell us who you'd like to see star in it.

Hmm... the only one I've ever really thought if is Robotech, and that was when I was in high school. I had a teacher that I thought would be perfect for the role of Exedor.

5) Your Current Age/2 = A (16)
A + (A/2) = B (24)
Your Current Age = C (32)

What was your favorite pizza topping at A, B, and C respectively?(Providing the numeric values of A, B, and C is of course optional).

It was my understanding there would be no math...
However, Pizza math is okay I guess.
A = Pepperoni
B = Pepperoni
C = Pepperoni and Chicken
If you had gone younger, I might have said "sausage". I preferred sausage on my pizza up until I was maybe 12 or so. Please don't ever put veggies of any sort on my pizza. I will have to pick them off, and that just ruins the amalgamation of the pizza.

SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: If you could know one thing about MCF that you didn't, what would it be?

His real name!

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