Saturday, June 10, 2006

My turn.

Okay, VERY occasionally I'm in the mood for a meme. This happens to be one of those occasions.

1) What were some of your scariest vehicular experiences, either behind the wheel or as a passenger?

Ooh, this is an easy one. Taking out a guardrail on a street near where we live now. I was driving to work, it was dark and the roads were icy. There was a place on my route to work where the road jogged over, so you were kind of driving toward the guardrail, then made a quick 45 degree turn to stay on the road. The guardrail was along the edge of someone's yard. I hit a patch of black ice as I was going into the turn. The car didn't turn, and I panicked and slammed on the brakes. Whoops. I had time to scream and throw my hands in front of my face, then bang. I'd flattened the guardrail and landed in that yard. The people who's yard I was in were SO kind to the sobbing, freaked out 21 year old in their yard - they said it happened all the time. (!!!) Nope, I wasn't hurt. Weird thing I remember from the accident: Kev's hardback copy of Mists Of Avalon was in the backseat. The impact threw it into the back of one of the front seats, hard enough to tear it in two. Yikes.

2) Are you going anywhere fun this Summer, and does Summer even mean the same to you as it did when you were younger?

The browncoat thingy that Kev mentioned. Holiday World with some friends.
Summer certainly doesn't mean the same thing as when I was younger. I spend lots of time trying to pacify my cranky hubby and maintaining the kids schedule. I don't remember doing anything like that when I was a kid! (However, I do remember mowing the lawn, and running over the German Shepard poo that I'd left there because I was a lazy teenager, and didn't like scooping. So I did a halfway job, and paid for it when I mowed over it. P.U.)

3) What was your favorite childhood toy, and how did it influence you over the course of your life?

Huh. I don't know. I remember a really ratty stuffed bunny, I think it was pink. There is some vague memory of my mom telling me no, I could not take it to kindergarten. That makes me laugh, because I've had that conversation with my kids over their ratty old stuffed animals.

4) Choose a cartoon, novel or other favorite work of fiction that's never been made into a movie, and tell us who you'd like to see star in it.

Big screen movie? How about Joss Whedon's fabuloso Once More With Feeling. Two hours long, and on the big screen. How awesome would that be??? Original cast, of course. Also, Witchblade. Original cast. That would make me so very happy.

5) Your Current Age/2 = A (15) A + (A/2) = B (22)Your Current Age = C (31)What was your favorite pizza topping at A, B, and C respectively?(Providing the numeric values of A, B, and C is of course optional).

What? Huh? I don't get it. Wait, I think I do. You know, this is easier if your current age is an even number. Just sayin'.

15 - No clue.
22 - No clue.
31 - Chicken and spinach.

SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: If you could know one thing about MCF that you didn't, what would it be? His real name!

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