Friday, June 02, 2006

THINKS June 2, 2006

Took the day off from work today, in anticipation of working 12 hours tomorrow night from 7 pm to 7 am (Sunday morning) and then doubling back 8 hours later (Sunday afternoon) to my normal 2nd shift hours of 3 pm to 11 pm. So... no sleep for Kev tomorrow.

I spent the day today hanging with my boy while Rubi and the girls went to a friends house. Alexander and I went to Krispy Kreme for a late breakfast, CiCi's Pizza for a late lunch, then to the dollar store where Alexander picked up a couple of fun toys - a blister pack of "Magna Links" (generic Magnetix), and one of those basketball goals that you mount to your wall or door and throw a small orange foam sponge basketball at and always miss unless you are standing right next to it. While at the dollar store, I found a hardback novel that I had been meaning to read, "Shadowmancer". I grabbed that too and will eventually get around to reading it.
Also on my list of things to read is the new Star Wars novel "Legacy of the Force".

I'm currently reading a Christian fiction novel called "The Evidence" by someone Boyd (book not nearby, or I'd look for his first name). Funny thing: the library put a category sticker on the spine over the "d" in the authors last name, and the word "the" is in small print over the word "Evidence". If you see it on the bookshelf spine-out, it looks like it's called "Evidence Boy". It's the first in a 3-part series about possible contact with aliens, life on Mars, and an astronauts ongoing struggles to balance his professional life and his personal life with his wife and kids (I'm about 3/4 of the way through the book, and can't keep straight how many kids he has - one girl, and at least a couple of boys... maybe 3 boys). It's pretty good so far (except for being murky on the number of children, but that might just be my reading method).

Other Christian Fiction I plan to read is a series about life before the Great Flood, called the Cradleland Chronicles. The first book is now available for free as a podcast!

Other podcasts I've found recently are official gubment podcasts - podcasts from government organizations. Haven't actually listened to any yet, no, I take that back - I did listen to one about NASA budgeting and turned it off about halfway through because it got repetitive.

Awhile back, I mentioned Palladium Books being in dire straights. Here come's Johnny with an update now.

I signed up on Paperback Swap. Haven't listed anything yet, but I will.

Rubi and I went to see X-men3 last night. She didn't really like it. But she's a girl, and not a fan, and really knows nothing about the X-Men at all - So I can't fault her. She kept leaning over to me asking "What's the Blue guys powers beside being hairy?". Really, it was great watching it with her, because she and I share a ...silly sense of humor and laughed together knowingly at some stuff that hardly anyone else would laugh at, let alone "get". There was one scene involving military handgestures, where she snickered and then we both started laughing pretty hard (but quietly so as not to disturb the other 8 people in the theatre with us). The scene reminded us of a funny scene from an ep of Buffy featuring Riley. As for me, I thought X-Men3 was okay. I enjoyed the other two. I know a little of the X-men story and some of the characters history - the movies are definitely an AU from the source material. I won't spoil anything, but there's some great stuff for the fanboys and - you need to stay all the way through the end of the credits. Next geekfest she gets to see with me: Superman Returns.

Rubi and I have another date planned later this month (two actually or more). We'll be going to see a showing of Serenity in Bloomington.

As well as seeing a showing of Serenity on the big screen in Louisville.

That's all for now.

"THINKS": Kev's term combining the words Things and Links: an assortment of images, links, games, trivia, memes, minutia, and whatnot found while browsing and mentioned collectively in a blog or message-board posts.

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