Friday, July 28, 2006

Five On Friday - Sweet Tooth

1. How often do you indulge in something sweet?

Too much. Especially if it's cake or cinnamon rolls.

2. What is your favorite kind of sweet food/beverage?

Food: Cake or cinnamon rolls. Beverage? I guess soda.

3. Do you have a preferred sweetener (artificial or natural)?

Sugar!  Unless I have to go artificial, then Splenda - because I'm allergic to NutraSweet.

4. Chocolate or fruity?

Hmmm... Depends. Probably chocolate. But I'm not big on the "candy" thing, or candybars. Give me a white cake with white frosting any day. But fruity-flavored stuff is okay - like a fruit drink.

5. What is the sweetest thing anyone has done for you?

Rubi does sweet things for me all the time.
I'm a loser though, and can't think of a one.

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