Tuesday, July 25, 2006

THINKS July 25, 2006

Time once again for another exciting installment of things and links Kevs has found while wandering the 'net.
First off, download for free (and perfectly legal) Done The Impossible, the story of the Firefly fans' quest to get more Firefly. Then go buy the DVD, because the torrent doesn't have all the cool bonus features.
Like getting free stuff by torrents? How about Christian stuff?
This website is just high-larious in a high-brow kind of way. 
Here are some good guidelines for blogging about work.
Awhile back, I reviewed Angelos. Stacey Harp interviews the author here.
And to wrap up: the first sandwich on this page sounds interesting - the rest are just gross, don't scroll down past the first one.
"THINKS": Kev's term combining the words Things and Links: an assortment of images, links, games, trivia, memes, minutia, and whatnot found while browsing and mentioned collectively in a blog or message-board posts.
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