Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday Mind Hump

It's humpday. I haven't blogged anything worthwhile in awhile, so I'll blog something useless again.
Another meme!
1.  Do you use email much?
I use email daily. At work and at home. I get probably over a hundred emails a day, usually more. At work, I'm subscribed to various work-related listservs. At home, I'm subscribed to various listservs that interest me. Plus the occasional emails from family; I send email to Rubi from work letting her know about my schedule changes or what to put on the grocery list or questions about plans - that kind of thing.
Basically, way too much time spent with email.
2.  When did you start using email?
1992 maybe? I had free dial up email through a BBS system the local PBS station had set up (through a local university), and I had the free Juno email.
3.  How many email addresses do you have?
I have three maybe five email addresses at home (two that I use daily, one that I use occasionally and one or two that I've setup but never use). At work, I have my main work email address - but the system is set up so that I really have an email address for just about any domain on the city system.
That makes a total of three that I use daily, plus several others that are available should I want to use them.
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