Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Better late than never? MCFAT 15

I completely missed that MCF had posted another Astonishing test last week, until he lamented that only a handful had responded (sans me). Sorry MCF!
So, here are my answers to the M.C.F.A.T. Volume XV.
1) Your life is going to be a graphic novel. Who's writing it, and who's drawing it?
I'd write it (if I ever can make the time to sit down and do so), with plenty of assistance from others.
Who's drawing it?  My kids. Nothing like stick figures, scribbles, and big smiley faces to tell the story of my life!
2) Weather patterns are shifting every year. Wars are exploding across the globe. When and how do you see the world coming to an end?
Wow. Depressing question. While the Bible tells us about John's Revelation of the end of the world as we know it, I don't think we understand completely what he was writing. He was after all, a first century (ish?) person seeing events taking place in our future. How could he comprehend much of what he was seeing? The internet? Space shuttles? Cell-phones? Cartoons? Airplanes, jets, helicopters, tanks, submarines?
I haven't the foggiest idea when it will happen. Much still has to take place according to the prophecies in the Bible (but even that's open to debate!). It could be years, even ages from now, or it could be tomorrow. 
All I know for sure is we win!
3) What, if anything, would turn you into a supervillain?
If I recall the origin of the Punisher, something along those lines. The wrongful, terrible, death of my family.
4) Let's try another showdown question: TMNT vs. The Kurgan; who wins?
Definitely the turtles. They'd have way too much fun surrounding him and mocking him as the defeated him, while all he would do is talk all gravelly and then do that Pez-dispenser thing with his neck...
Really, an immortal with a big sword against four mutant turtles trained in the martial arts and armed with swords, nunchucks, sais, and a staff? No match at all.
SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: The year is 3994. What's a Mok?
I can't answer this one fairly, as I saw MCFs answer before I started mine.
Or! I could be silly and say amok is to be in a jumbled, confused, or uncontrollable state ( paraphrased from Like the Star Trek:TOS episode Amok Time.
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