Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Seasonal Meme

What are your favorite seasons in order:
I'll give summer a miss and go straight to Fall again.

What are your favorite smells for each season:
Fall: smells of fried food at Evansville's West Side Nut Club Fall Festival - also the smell of cooler air moving in.
Winter: That Clean, cold air scent.
Spring: Rolling down the windows in the car for some fresh, not from the vent, air.
Summer: chlorinated water in large quantities.
What are your favorite foods for each season:
There are different foods for each season? Really?
Can I answer "Pizza" for all of them?

What are your favorite colors for each season:
What? Colors for each season? What kind of question is that?
I like Blue. That doesn't change with the seasons.

What are your favorite activities for each season:
Fall: Not being too hot anymore.
Winter: Not being too hot.
Spring: being comfortably warm.
Summer: finding any way to avoid being too warm.

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