Friday, August 11, 2006

80s Cartoon Meme

MCF tagged me for this meme.
1. One '80s Cartoon that changed your life:
Probably Transformers. I watched the cartoons way back when and collected the toys, then when I hit about 7th or 8th grade, I gave them up. A few years later, I noticed occasionally that there were what I thought were rip-off versions of the toys being sold, or what I considered a sad attempt at re-imaging the Transformers as animals and bugs (Optimus Primal, monkey. Primal? Really? Come on!).  Then somehow (probably the internet), I heard about Beast Wars, a new TF cartoon that those toys were based on. This cartoon was really a sequel to the old TF cartoon and comics. I looked it up, loved it, and then the 80's revival really kicked in over the past few years and now I'm collecting the new Transformers comics based on the original G1 characters (and Beast Wars).

2. One '80s Cartoon that you have watched more than once:
Again, Transformers. I watch those cartoons every now and then, especially Transformers: The Movie.

3. One '80s Cartoon you'd want on a desert island:
What?! What kind of question is that? I'd want a boat and a fully charged satellite phone. Maybe a boat that transforms into an airplane.

4. One '80s Cartoon that made you laugh:
G.I. Joe, when Snake-Eyes break-danced.

5. One '80s Cartoon that made you cry:
I don't think any of them made me cry. Cringe, definitely, at the cheesiness of them (too many "Oh come on!" moments that went way beyond suspension of disbelief even for the particular series). Not even in the theater the first time I saw Transformers: The Movie, when all my favorite G1 characters turned gray, black, and white as their sparks were extingushed, and then Prime passed on the Matrix. 
6. One '80s Cartoon you wish would have been made:
I'm going to have to agree with MCF on this one, a TF/Joe cross-over might have been really good. Then again it could have been really really bad.

7. One '80s Cartoon you wish had never been made:
Too many to name.

8. One '80s Cartoon you are currently watching:
I actually haven't watched cartoons in awhile. The most recent I watched was Gargoyles, and I'm pretty sure that was the 90's.
9. One '80s Cartoon you have been meaning to watch:
Thundercats. I remember enjoying that cartoon until the extra refugees showed up.
And I'll end with this question for the masses:
Why are they called "cartoons"?
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