Sunday, August 27, 2006

What do you want in a cell phone?

A recent issue of Mobile Government from had a blurb on features that cell phone owners wanted in their phones.
The list was:
27% Printer/Scanner/Fax
17% Thermometer
15% Money/Business Card holder
15% Credit Card
13% Keychain
7% Mirror
I can see a cell-phone having built-in scanner and fax capabilities, maybe for that business card further down the list... I can't envision printing from a cell-phone though - unless you have one of those cell-phones that is also a mobile computer.  I can also see the convenience of having your credit card built-in to your cell-phone - basically serving the same convenience as those "new fangled" swipe-and-go credit cards.
Also, I'm guessing by "thermometer" they really mean an air temperature meter that gives you the current temperature and maybe some other weather-related readings.
But why a mirror?  Why a keychain? You want the keys hitting you upside the head when you answer the phone?

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