Saturday, September 02, 2006


Movie Sequel: If you could have a sequel to any movie you wanted, what movie would it be?
Duh! Serenity! Take me out into the black!

Book Sequel: If you could have a sequel to any book you wanted, what book would it be?
I'd love a sequel to Isaac Asimov's "Foundation and Earth" - or any continuation of his Robots/Foundation universe anywhere in the timeline (iBooks had 4 novels set in that universe, written by a different author - they weren't bad).

TV Remake: If you could remake an old TV show, which would you choose?
Remakes?  Hmmm.... Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Or that show with the Sleestacks.

TV Adaptation: If you could turn one movie into a TV show, or one TV show into a movie, what would you choose?
Can I turn Serenity back into a TV show?  No?  Howsabouts adapting Stargate SG1 into an SG1 movie series (with the same actors)? Wait, they're thinking about doing that.  Oooh! I know, let's turn the cartoon Gargoyles into a movie series! Or Transformers! (Wait, they're already doing that...)
Or maybe that show with the Sleestacks.

Hollywood Bites Book: If you could pick one book to be adapted into a movie or TV show, which would it be?
The novelization version of "Kingdom Come" from DC Comics. Set in the future, all - and I mean all - of the DC heroes come out of retirement to kick the collective bottoms of the new breed of supers that are fast running the planet into the ground (with some behind the scenes scheming as well). It's an all-out war. Batman is really old and very fragile, Supes and Wonder Woman hook up at the end in a great scene set in a superhero-themed restaurant with an surprise announcement to Bats (but he's got it figured out already, of course - he's the worlds greatest detective!)
Or maybe the Star Trek DS9 series of novels set after the end of the TV show...
Or the Firefly comics.
Meme taken from E.E. Knight.

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