Saturday, September 09, 2006


We've been crazybusy lately.
Alexander and Elizabeth are both playing soccer now - Elizabeth through school and Alexander through a league.
Both had their first game of the season today. Both won!! (Even though Alexander's league technically doesn't keep score - it's a teaching league for little kids). They each have practice during the week also, sometimes on the same day at the same time at different fields.  Alexander had only made it to two practices before this game today, and he did really well in spite of that - I was so proud of him!  I didn't get to see Elizabeth's game because I was at Alexander's - but from what she's told me, she had a great game too!
Catherine officially starts pre-K this coming Tuesday. She's really excited about it. She's had to go twice in the past week, once for 15 minutes (actually that was a parent-teacher meeting), and once for an hour to get used to the teacher and classroom. She was old enough for her Kindergarten immunization shots, and the doctor gave her the choice of getting them now or next summer and Catherine decided to get them now. She didn't cry at all!! Just said "owow" a few times. 
Rubi is helping out at "Light Company" every Wednesday after school - it's a program at our church for school kids to come and have worship time, and different elective classes like art, music, crafts, acting, etc. and afterwards.
I've had a stupid schedule at work that has really messed with our scheduling - plus Rubi has work too in the mornings during the week.
Plus all the normal running hither and yon, and we're ready for a break.

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