Saturday, September 09, 2006

Astonishing Sixteen!

MCF brings us another "Astonishing Test"!
1) What's your worst and/or funniest drinking experience? If you never drink, it can be about someone you know, and if you don't know anyone, move on to the next question.
Rubi gets sleepy after one drink. I usually just have a sip of hers.  All of this inebriation occurs about once a year.
2) Inspired by some of the insect images I've seen lately at B13's and Unspace, what are some of your more horrific encounters with the insect world?
All of my encounters with the insect world are horrific! Yesterday I was mowing my parents lawn and on the side of their yard barn was this (in my estimation) huge spider crawling along a web.  It's legs were all drawn together to crawl along the web, but if they had been spread out, the thing probably would have been about 4 inches around. It had a huge body that was a bright brown, almost rust color. The back part of it's body (thorax?) was probably 3/4 of an inch around or more.  It was nasty! Also, last week, we had a run in with a Goa'uld at my in-laws house. Apparently masquerading as a hickory horned devil. It was nasty looking also - but just a caterpillar.
3) How would your life differ if you woke up one morning with no arms?
I'd probably have slept better.  Arms seems to always get in the way while I'm trying to sleep.
4) Born in the mid 1970s, a lot of the classic rock I've heard used as jingles for beer, trucks, and other appropriate products was my first exposure to those songs. Do you think some of these songs were ruined by becoming advertising elements? What songs from your formative years could you see being sampled for commercials some day, and for what sort of products?
My formative years were really the 80's, even though I was born in `73. So most of those songs have already been reused, remade, rehashed, remixed, and regurgitated.

SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: I started blogging on October 13th, 2004. Last year some of you may recall my Best Blog Party Party, guest posts, year in review, and revealing photos. What sort of things should I do for this year's Cloakfest?
Have a Revealing Blog Party Test with Photos.

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