Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Monday Must See 10-23-06

Heroes: Quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. Hiro is awesome! But when he did start speaking better English? Rubi started watching with me last night and likes Hiro too. "Waffles! Woo!" and "Poo! Poo!" were her favorite lines.
Also, "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" is spreading rapidly as the "new" catchphrase. On another discussion thread I saw someone refer to Claire (the indestructible cheerleader) as "Cheerverine"! Too funny!
I thought the Hiro/Ando story line this ep was pretty much filler - but I might be wrong.
I'm interested to see if this show gets picked up for a 2nd season, how the storyline will develop. The current storyline seems to pretty well dead-end with the aforementioned saving of the world. Not that that's a dead-end, just that it seems to be the logical conclusion to the current story line.
And last nights episode had another good ending - I really like how this show throws these great endings at us!

Studio60: This episode was a little better than previous eps, perhaps because there weren't any sketches from the show on the show. The old guy story line was very interesting, and the hiring of the new writer was well-done;
"I don't work for you guys."
"You do now." And the guy turning around and giving a very subdued happy pumping elbow action (what is that motion called anyway?).
The other storylines in this episode I found lacking though.

In summary:
Heroes: Rock!
Studio60: eh...

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