Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Fandom 10-26-06

I actually like this Oliver Queen character. I'm not very familiar with his comic incarnation, and haven't seen his DCAU counterpart yet (I hope to soon though), so I can't say how he relates to the established character - but I like him. And I like his relationship with Clark.  Ollie is already establishing himself as a "costumed hero", Green Arrow, and he seems to be directing Clark in his growth towards being a visible hero.
I'm glad the show is heading back towards the release of the "'Zoners" also - I dislike dangling plot-threads.
And finally a scene with Lois and Clark doing their "reporter" shtick: Lois digging for the story, and Clark up and disappearing just as it gets good.
But: Astral Projection? Really?
Although, astral projection being countered by an EMP is an interesting twist I haven't heard of before.
Ooh! Almost forgot - one of Ollie's friends mentioned having to get back to Gotham!  (Shortly before he got all exploded.)
And Clark needs to go revive the Fortress. We need more Fortress!
Okay then. I'm off to read spoilers...

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