Thursday, November 02, 2006

Buffy Comic

The artist on the forthcoming Buffy Season 8 comic book recently hinted at background material for the plotline...
He says "...I have to watch S5 pronto, because apparently there's some reference there that I WILL need...""
What does this mean? Apparently, one of the plots of the new comic book will examine Dawn's "Key-ness"...  I always thought that was a plot thread that could have been further developed beyond Season Five, even though the point for it wrapped up in S5 - it still had potential.
This comic is set for a March 2007 release, and Joss Whedon is writing the first four issues and overseeing the entire project - which is supposed to be more than 20 issues. It will be added to my pull list; and hopefully Rubi will read it too.  She tried to read the Angel comics and just couldn't deal with the panel layouts and the art - and she tried to read a couple of Buffy novels and said they were poorly written. (I tired the Angel comics too, and thought the stories were boring and pointless - they didn't continue the story line after Not Fade Away). I don't think I've read a Buffy novel. But this comic I'm looking forward too - that and the Firefly comics that are coming out.

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