Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tuesday and Wednesday TV

Tuesday 10-31-06: House.
Rubi got me watching this.  However, I had to work this night, and missed it.  I only got to watch the really good parts on tape the next day when Rubi sat me down to show me. I haven't had time to watch the entire thing straight through. From I did see though, it looks like the actual medical story wasn't really integral to the story at all except for the fact that the show is about a doctor that solves weird medical problems.  The main story line though, is setting up a plot-arc for several more episodes and seems very interesting.  However, the cop character out to get House is rather creepy.  Very soft-spoken, subtle body language, very "bad cop".  Seems to enjoy abusing his position as a cop.
Wednesday 11-1-06: Bones.
Rubi also got me watching this show, because we're Angel fans. I really enjoy this show. The interaction between the characters, especially the supporting cast, is fun and entertaining. This was another good episode. Rubi had it solved about 20 minutes into the show.
I'm at work now, so I'm missing Smallville. I'll have to watch it either tomorrow after BSG or maybe Sunday night.

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