Thursday, November 02, 2006

Squealy fangirl stuff.

Kev's been a busy blogger. Catching up.

Oh, crumb. Another Buffy comic? I do not like them, Sam I Am. Comic books annoy me on some level: the art (That looks NOTHING like David Boreanaz! Argh!), and the insane, seemingly random use of the lettering. Regarding this one, I always felt like the Dawn-as-key plotline was baloney, so it's a possibility that it will just annoy me more. Dawn and her shiny shiny hair and her GetoutgetoutGETOUT! Meh. I liked her after she grew up some.

Ahem. Moving on. House and Bones and Heroes, oh my! [Does Numfar's dance of joy]

Must talk about Bones first, because I'm just so very delighted that my show is back. I went right out of my mind when Booth said to look around the Hyperion Hotel. And Kali Rocha (Halfrek/Cecily) was the dead girl's mom. So very very cool. And Kev was right, I totally called it, but it was closer to the halfway point. I'm not THAT good. And I just said that one of the other little girls was the killer. Didn't know which one.
I love this mix of characters, even Cam in a love-to-hate way. Everyone's got the perfect mix of chemistry, be it romantic, friendly, or slightly-antagonistic-coworker-who-you-really-like. I heard the ratings this week kinda stunk, which just shocked me. This is one of those rare shows that is just a delight every week. Witty dialogue, engaging storylines with the perfect combination of a long-running arc and a victim of the week, and a great cast. The previews for next week are killing me. Hurry, hurry, next Wednesday!!

House next. I'm not familiar with David Morse, although my friend B says she remembers him from St. Elsewhere. I'm also totally unspoiled, so I was surprised to see that he was a cop. Bad on him for pulling House over. I've no clue what New Jersey law is like, but the guy wasn't in uniform, probably wasn't on duty, and had the most baloney reasons for arresting him ever. Apparently, Vicodin causes your pupils to constrict, not dilate. So say the forum posters over on TWoP. Also? It's NIGHT, you moron. Of course his pupils are dilated. Yours are too. So go arrest yourself. However, just let me paddle over to the shallow end of the pool for a moment to say: Angry House getting arrested? Mrow. How does he do it? (Hi Kev. Love you!)
Moving back out of the shallow end, I'm loving sassy Cameron, standing up to house. Go, girl! And Chase running around behind Foreman, kind of nipping at his ankles (Pay the man!), just cracks me up. This is a fun show.

Heroes? Nothing has made me happier than "Waffles! Whoo!" yet, but still interesting things going on. Niki/Ikin is freaking me out. What's her deal? Oh, right. I've sworn off spoilers so I have to wait and find out, don't I? And another happy Buffy moment for me. Niki's husband D.L. was Forrest in season 4 of Buffy. Hi, Leonard Roberts! Way to be typecast! (Well, honestly. Let's cast him as yet another angry good guy, who thinks the end justifies the means.)

Wow. That was a whole lot of TV talk right there. Sorry, but my shows have been MIA for a month, and now I'm so terribly happy that they're back. Yay!

Oh. One more thing. Since I HAVE a nine year old daughter, Bones gave me the creepy-crawlies on a whole extra level than it usually does. Ick. Is the "little miss whatever" pageant circuit really that scary? Corsets, hair dye, yanking out their baby teeth to put pretty false ones in? I have no words.

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