Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I didn't dislike it because it "looked different". Well, not entirely. As a rule, I'm pretty resistant to change. Once something is the way I like it and I'm used to it, changing it around drives me batty. Touch of OCD anyone? Heh. So yeah, to a point, having everything moved around and "looking different" was not cool. But it made the whole darned computer run slowly. Kev said that's not possible. All I know is that when IEvil7 was downloaded, Outlook went to pieces. Opening the program would lock up the whole computer until it was finished doing all of it's "opening the program" stuff. The browser itself was similar. It was just slow, and clunky, and all wrong.

Happy it's gone.

So here I sit. Nursing my Grande mint hot cocoa with extra whip from Starbucks. (Kev brought it home because he's wonderful.) It's NOT improving my mood. I spent five hours at church helping several hundred kids through the after school program that I teach at. I've been doing it every Wednesday since August, and tonight was the last one for '06. There was just a lot going on. The kids were wired and crazed, from the season, the Christmas musical that they were putting on tonight, and from the promise of cookies and punch after the show. And I spent an hour and a half more than I normally do in the vortex, because of the musical.

I blew a fuse two days ago. It shorted out the circuit controlling part of the kitchen, the laundry room, and our bedroom. It's STILL not back on. Kev's done everything he knows how to - replacing outlets, switches, circuit breakers, everything. In the end, he had to call in an electrician. He'll come in the morning, probably fix it in 20 seconds, and charge us a ton of money. Hate. Kudos to Kev, though. He spent a ton of time working on it, because he's wonderful. (Have I mentioned his wonderfulness once or twice? Well, too bad, because I shall continue to do so.)

In 60 hours, I will be sitting at a table in Santa Claus, IN, doing a craft show with Elizabeth. I've got some work on it that I really should do tonight, but I'm just exhausted, cranky, and brain dead. (Fire bad, tree pretty. Bonus points if you identify the quote w/o Googling.) Maybe tomorrow.

And now some internet buddies have hauled me into chat, and they're wonderful company, so I'm off to see how they are. (Bek, Rach, and Lisa. They're so cool.)

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