Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thrice Perilous

MCF again reveals the answers, relying on bloggers to come up with the correct answers in the Third MCF Perilous.

1. Cosmos. Who was the cute green flying saucer Transformer?

2. Donner. What Director recently released his version of Superman 2?

3. Blixem. What is a weird curse vaguely remeniscent of the name of one of Santa's reindeer?

4. Donna Dixon. Who was the "hot blonde" on Busom Buddies?

5. Sleepy. What condition is blogger Kev in as he comes up with these answers at 1:20 in the morning?

6. Doc. To whom does Bugs ask the question "What's up?"

7. That was how he got to Luchow's. Why did Roger Hall from Austria backpack through New York in 1964?

8. “COLOSSUS!!!” What did MCF exclaim when he first saw the character by that name in X-men 2.

9. “Did they teach you that fancy psychology in college?” To what question should you always answer "No, I majored in liberal arts."

10. Haim Saban; Paul Dini; Bruce Timm. Who are two people involved with the Justice League cartoon and who is not the composer the theme music of that show?

11. Alfred E. Neuman. Who's the dorky guy on the MAD magazine covers?

12. Because I threw his leather coat out of the car when he dared me not to. Why'd that guy throw you out his moving car?

13. Rey. Who was the driver of the car in #12?

14. They make saliva. What do Saliva glands do?

15. “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.” What does Optimus Prime say at the end of the new Transformers movie trailer?

16. Hyperballistic. What condition was MCF in after he saw the trailer for the new TF movie?

17. A single, thick eyebrow. What is that thing on Burt's forehead that Ernie never mentions?

18. It could summon help, warn of danger, grow in size, cast energy blasts, act as a shield, and unlock an ancient tome. What special features did MCF's cloak have before Rey ran it over with his car in retaliation for the leather coat incident?

19. Eye contact. What should you never make with Medusa, not including the answers in #20?

20. Lettuce, Flan, and genuine Chinese food. What goes good on a sandwich or hamburger when paired with tomato? How did Nathan Fillion once mispronounce the word "fan" that has become a word used to describe his fans? What won't you find at most Chinese Restaurants in the United States?

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