Saturday, January 13, 2007

Questioning MCF

MCF again gives us the answers.
We must struggle to plum the depths of his mind to find the correct questions.

1. From toxic waste.
Where did the TMNT get their mutations?

2. Toes.
What does MCF chew on in his spare time?

3. I kept flashing the biggest, cheesiest teeth-displaying smile I could after each reading.
MCF, How did you charm all the old ladies at mass last Sunday?

4. Future Ted tells his kids to practice abstinence before marriage, while present Ted was sleeping with a girlfriend who had yet to tell him she loved him.
What is Ted's plot-line in the next Bill&Ted movie?

5. George Takei.
What Star Trek actor is going to play Hiro's dad on the way-cool, must-see NBC show Heroes?

6. 24.
Besides Heroes, what is another show MCF is looking forward to starting?

7. 30.
How many toes does MCF have?

8. Accidentally turning and whacking a mentally-challenged girl in the head with a metal pipe.
How did MCF cure his future wife of a sad disability?

9. A tank full of hot girls.
10. A tank full of unspeakable insects.
What are two trials on Fear Factor that MCF could not pass?

11. Greg Lee.
Who is the estranged half-brother of Bruce Lee?

12. I was afraid of getting water on my face.
MCF, why didn't you drink out of the water fountain in high school?

13. ...23 38 61...
What was MCFs high school locker combination?

14. Smaller than a nickel, but larger than a dime, and brown.
How did MCF desribe the size of the spider that, had it bitten him, might have given him superpowers. Really.

15. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start.
What is the code to get 9 lives on Nintendo's Contra?

16. Grant filing the meat.
What did MCF say to Rey's request to allow him to begin filing the meat?

17. James; Sean; Charles.
What were the first names of the 3 lesser known Beatles?

18. Her nipple.
What did Brittany, I mean Lindsay, I mean Paris, I mean Janet Jackson show to the world?

19. Tamers.
What kind of professionals should Sigfried and Roy have hired more of?

20. A pickle suit.
What costume did Ron Stoppable once wear to try to avoid a love-struck Kim Possible?

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