Friday, January 12, 2007


That's a barbershop quartet. A barbershop. quartet? song? Well, okay. [shrug]

Look, there's Elizabeth. And she really, REALLY loves the exclamation points.

Alexander: Terribly smart, is participating in a reading program at school, tested at a 3rd grade reading level. (He's in kindergarten.)

Catherine: Charmed Alexander's k-garten teacher the other day, by asking "Can I be in your class next year?" Cute, cute, cute.

Me: Job opportunity that is a dream. I'm looking into it. Hoping I'll get it and that we can work out all the kid-wrangling that is involved, because it'll be a bit tricky. Coaching cheerleading for the next 7 weeks. Teaching 4th grade girls at church after school once a week. Sleepy.

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