Wednesday, February 21, 2007

MCFPerilous 2.11

More Answer from MCF requiring his readers to guess the correct answers for an as-yet-to-be-determined prize.
It's shorter this week, just ten answers.

1. A lot of the pages were completely redesigned.
Why was MCF staying so late at work in January?

2. Midol.
What did MCF take to alleviate the pain in his bizarre nap-related injury?

3. Growing breasts.
What is one side-effect he hopes doesn't happen from taking a "woman's medicine".

4. My yard.
What did MCF take photographs of because of his nap-related injury?

5. Peter's.
Who's secret origin does MCF like the best?

6. Hannibal, naturally.
Who is MCF's favorite member of the A-team?

7. Jelly Beans and The Carpenters.
What snack food and musical group kept MCF entertained while he was recovering from Nap-Elbow?

8. Lisa Loeb, Tina Fey, and Curt Happy.
Who are three people that recently had babies?

9. He returned the Twinkie.
How did MCF introduce himself to his first girlfriend?

10. A radioactive isotope, but I didn’t gain any powers.
What did the doctors inject MCF with to help diagnose his nap-injury, and why was MCF disappointed?

That's it for now - Real Life has been trumping blogging lately.

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