Thursday, February 22, 2007

Firefly/Serenity Meme

Number of times you’ve seen the whole series (to your best estimate):
I'd guestimate at least 5. Not much more than that.

Number of times you’ve seen the movie:
At least 4 times.

Favorite character (and why, if you want):
From the main cast, I can't narrow it down. They are all great.

Least favorite character (and why, if you want):
Niska. You are a crazy old man. Go lie down and take a nap!

Favorite episode (and why, if you want):
Maybe "Jaynestown," maybe "Serenity" (the pilot) - almost all of them are just as good.

Least favorite episode (and why, if you want):
"The Train Job". This was my first introduction to Firefly when it premiered on Fox. I didn't think the show was worth trying to figure out when Fox was airing to keep up with it. I only came back to FF just before the movie came out because the fans were raving about it. Maybe "Heart of Gold", as the laser gun/horse riding thing was a little too out-there for me. Although that is surely a good definition for FF: horseback riding and laser guns.

Favorite quote:
Too many to name. Whedon is an awesome writer and can really turn the language on it's head to express feelings.

Favorite scene:
The dining room scene in "Out of Gas." The Firefly Talk podcast uses the audio from this as an intro and it's just so much fun. Definitely shows how the crew has become a family.

Your opinion of the movie: love it, shove it, or mixed feelings:
Mixed feelings. It wasn't long enough to showcase every character and introduced some new ones that we didn't really need. I loved going back into the `verse and continuing the story. But I want more!!

Favorite canon pairing:
Zoe and Wash.

Favorite non-canon pairing:
To quote KRAD, "This is a stupid question."

In brief, what got you hooked?:
The fans. The movie was about to come out and I kept hearing rumblings on the internet from general SF-fans (not the browncoat community specifically as I hadn't gotten into that yet). So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and see the series before the movie.

Your favorite theory on Book’s background:
I don't know what all the different theories are, so I can't say.

Your favorite theory on Inara’s reasons for leaving Sihnon:
Again: I haven't heard all the theories, so I can't say.

Will Mal and Inara ever get together?
If I know Whedon: yes, then no, then yes, then no, then maybe... then they'll be best friends.

Will Simon and Kaylee stay together?
Again: If I know Whedon: probably not, but I sure hope so.

Will River stay (or get) on the road to mental health?
Isn't that what happened at the end of the movie? I think she'll always be messed up because of the always feeling everyone's emotions - but much of her dementia came from the locked up and repressed knowledge of the Reavers. Now that that's out of the way, she can at least try to adapt to the psychic abilities.

Favorite Firefly fanfic:
Never read any. I've heard a few (on podcasts). I have to say "Old Wounds" was an excellent story.

Is Firefly your main fandom now?
Probably. I was never really "into" a fandom. But I'd say FF and Star Wars are my main fandoms that I'd get involved with. I like all kinds of things (the 'Gates, BSG, Heroes, etc), but as for the fan community - it's FF and SW for me.

What are your top 2 other fandoms?
Oh... I think I just answered that.

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