Friday, February 23, 2007

THINKS For February 23, 2007

Real Life has been Trumping Blogging lately. I've still found the time to surf the internet - but no real time to write about anything useful. I'm in the middle of three different books - One I'm reading for a review, one I'm reading that I got from the library because it sounded interesting, and one I'm reading because I want to (and I own it, so there's no deadline to have it finished by). Eventually, I'll post reviews. Actually, I did finish another book recently, I just haven't gotten around to writing about it. But I have been remembering to email myself interesting links and other things that I want to post.

Here they are:

Here's a video on preventing Identity Theft.

Old news now - but House and Bones have been renewed. Rubi and I get to watch more TV together!

Here's a funny story about a kid dropping his mp3 player in the toilet and his moms reaction.

From Stacy at Active Christian Media:

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I'm sure I've read this before somewhere, but someone else has posted the beatitudes as written by the devil.
Sign up with PaperbackSwap, guess when the One Millionth book is posted, and win prizes!

And finally, Warner Bros. is considering a JLA movie!

Back to Real Life now.

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