Monday, February 12, 2007

Perilously close to being late

I almost forgot about this. MCF latest Perilous quiz.
1. Because he's David Carradine, d***it!
How does MCF do all those cool kung-fu moves?
2. They're either really honest, or they never clean there.
yeah... I got nothin'
3. Fell face first on a piece of glass, fell below the surface in the deep end of a swimming pool, climbed out on a second story window ledge, was force-fed poisonous berries, suffered massive internal bleeding from a birth defect, was pulled out to sea by the combined force of a wave and undertow, danced in Manhattan traffic while very drunk, sat in the passenger side of a car which was struck by an oncoming van, walked across a partially frozen pond, and wakes up every morning, to name a few.
What are some moments that have changed MCF's life?
4. None of it is hyperbole.
What is a one fact about MCF's blog?
5. Eddie, Kurt, James and Chris.
What are the first names of the lead singers of MCF's favorite bands?
6. Cobie, Rena, Charisma, and Rosie.
What are the names of MCF's cats?
7. Instinctive, compulsive snacking.
What is one method of geek weight-weight?
8. Emil, Chaos, Rocket, Graem
What are four names MCF has never used for pets?
9. This video would be.
If MCF could keep something secret, what would it be?
10. Velcro.
What can keep MCF occupied for hours and doesn't involve computers?
11. Squeeze it between your thumb and forefinger, then twist.
What guidance does MCF give to bartenders adding a lemon to his vodka?
12. Because there isn't a single “real” photo of me anywhere on my blog.
What do people cite as the main reason for not believing MCF is a real person?
13. Charlie Whoosh-whoosh.
What did MCF's mom call him as a small child during potty-training?
14. NCC-1701
What was the license plate number on Hiro's Dad's car on Heroes?
15. The second week of October, in the year 2010.
When is the next Star Wars movie due to not premiere?
16. You'll have to keep reading to find out.
Will we ever find out what the prizes for these MCFPerilous quizzes?
17. His brother Kevin.
What relationship did Fred Savage play on the Wonder Years to the character of Wayne?
18. It can only increase.
If something can never decrease, what can it do?
19. A train, a space shuttle, a tank, a fighter jet, a fuel tanker, and a commercial airliner.
What kind of vehicles did the first three Decepticon Triple Changers transform into?
(Astrotrain, Blitzwing, and Octane.  I had to look up Octane's name - I thought it was High Octane).
20. Seven times a week.
How many times does MCF eat breakfast?

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