Friday, April 27, 2007


Getting away from work is nice.

Taking a couple days off from work this weekend so Rubi and I can spend a couple of days in Indianapolis at the Indianapolis Film Festival. She'll also get to hit a couple of scrapbooking stores.

Rubi's parents (they rock!) are taking all three kids for the weekend so it's just Rubi and I going. We're calling an early anniversary celebration.

Our 13th anniversary is next month. The same weekend as Elizabeth's birthday and Mother's Day. We're spreading the celebrating out. Our celebration is this weekend. Mom's Day is on Mom's day, and we're having Elizabeth's birthday party the following weekend.

We will miss most of the celebrating of Guild Wars 2nd birthday on-line this week. Lots of cool in-game stuff this weekend. It is sad that we're kinda disappointed that we're going to miss that.

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