Thursday, April 19, 2007

Star Wars Music Meme

A member of my local Star Wars FanForce Club is doing some kind of research paper for college about the music of Star Wars.  The questions she asked for her research are below.  Feel free to post your own answers as a meme!
Age: 33

Occupation: Emergency Communications Supervisor

Do you play any instruments? No.

What kind of music do you listen to on a regular basis? Contemporary Christian, movie soundtracks, whatever's on the radio

Describe your first experience with the Star Wars trilogy? (Age, circumstances, first impressions, etc)
I saw it when I was about 5 at the theater with my older brother and sister and some of their friends one Sunday after church - this was 1977 or 78. I remember really liking it and Star Wars has been a part of my life since then: toys, cartoons, sequels, soundtracks, video tapes, books, prequels, internet, dvds, fanclub.

What is the first image that comes to mind when you hear the Star Wars theme? The opening scroll.

Do you own the soundtracks? If so, how many? I used to have at least one copy of each - but I sold them off after I ripped them to mp3.

How often do you listen to the soundtracks? At least once a week.

What kind of listening devices do you use when listening to music? Mostly playback from my PC, sometimes on a portable device.

What is your favorite piece from the soundtracks and why? Probably the Hologram/Binary Sunset piece - it's the first time we're introduced to that slow thoughtful piece of music that will become "Luke's Theme" and ultimately the "Jedi Theme" or "the Force Theme" that is used over and over in the movies.
I like all the finale pieces from the original trilogy, especially the one from ESB. I like Across the Stars and Duel of the Fates. I like the finale pieces from AotC and RotS. And I like the Ewok Theme (celebrate the love) by that barbershop quartet and the remix by Meco.

How has your perception of the soundtracks changed over time? I've only grown to like the SW soundtracks more and more, and appreciate them more for their quality as music than just as "movie music".

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