Saturday, May 12, 2007

Been Awhile

I have rarely updated as of late. Real Life has overtaken what few moments I could spare to write here aside from the occasional meme - well, Real Life and that time hog that is Guild Wars.
Happy Mother's Day to those that qualify. 
Happy Weekend to those that don't. 
Happy Anniversary to my darling wife, Rubi!  We've been married 13 years (as of this coming Monday). 
Elizabeth had her final soccer game of the spring league today and totally rocked!  Her team won 3-0. Elizabeth played goalie one quarter and totally owned the other team!!  They came at her probably 6-8 times that quarter and each time she tackled the soccer ball and made sure it didn't get anywhere near the goal.  Her team came in 4th this season overall.  She's definitely playing better, which was the point of putting her in this spring league so she'll be a better player once try-outs roll around for her regular school team.
This school has flown by - I can't believe there's only a couple of weeks of school left... but I'm glad.  I, hopefully, won't be driving as much (now that gas is stupid-expensive) and I may get to sleep-in more often during the week.  Rubi's taking the summer off from volunteering at school and church events.  She's overtired from overcommitting herself - which she thrives on.  But she needs a break and she recognized that and told everyone asking for her that this summer she's unavailable. 
I recently posted about Free Comic Book Day at a local comic book store. I'll leave you with some great pics featuring all the costumes characters that showed up from the Evansville Jedi Fanforce Club.

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