Saturday, June 23, 2007


Monday is the start of a weeklong vacation from work for me!
Technically, I'm only using 4 days of vacation, but with my work rotation, I don't have to be back to work until the following Tuesday.
I am so looking forward to not going to work. For probably a month now I've been aware that I've been burnt out on my job, which means in reality I've probably been burnt out longer than that. 
What am I doing on my vacation you may ask?
A whole bunch of nothin'.
A world of nothin'.
I have absolutely nothing that absolutely has to be accomplished.  No errands to run. No classes to deliver kids to. Rubi can drive herself to her work.  And I will not be thinking about my work!
But what will I do? I will probably mow my lawn one day.  I might mow my parents lawn one day too.  I'll obviously do my usual around-the-house stuff like fix the kids meals, load the dishwasher, and laundry.  I also plan on trying to upgrade our computers.  And Rubi and I will be playing a ton of Guild Wars.  I'll also get to catch up on some reading, both books and stuff on the internet.  Plus my local Star Wars Fanforce Book Club meeting is Tuesday, and I'll finally get to go again (I've missed the past two). 
Hopefully, after 8 days of a whole bunch of nothin', I'll be refreshed and can go back to work with a new mindset.

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