Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I found a few of these on Virtual magic kingdom. com and unless you hate reading my posts, you should know what that is by now

first one: The Secret To vmk is.. my little sister stuck my toothbrush up what?

Two: I told my brother he was a girl and he hit me with his purse

three ( Most People have heard this ): You smile I smile You cry I cry You jump off a bridge I laugh

four: I just realized something, Blue whales aren't Green!

five ( if you know the answer to this post a comment PLEASE!! ) The next sentence is true, the first sentence is false



Elizabeth said...

giggle giggle snort

Anonymous said...

Hey! I told u about the #5 vmk tip!! Hi I am in north carolina!! Boggie boarding here i come!!

Lizzie's long lost twin