Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Restaurant Meme

Carrie at Mommy Brain posted this meme, and I thought I'd play too.

Basically, I list my five favorite local restaurants. Not chains, local establishments.
I don't do the tag thing - so if you read this and want to play too, feel free!

I live in the biggest small town ever: Evansville (aka Evanspatch), Indiana, an old german city in Southern Indiana. It's actually a conglomeration of several old German towns. It's also the only real city in Vanderburgh County, the third largest city in Indiana, and one of the few places in Indiana on Central Time.

My favorite local eateries include:

1. Turoni's (Pizza and Brewery and Bakery).  Excellent pizza, yummy brownies. Don't know about the locally brewed beverages, but they have many.  They specialize in the "cracker-crust" type of pizza, a very thin and crispy crust "party cut" into squares instead of your normal pie slice.  My favorite pizza there is pepperoni and chicken.  They have two locations in town.  This is one of those joints that has local memorabilia plastered all over the walls.

2. Shylers BBQ.  Mmmmm, barbecue.  Excellent everything here.  They have a yummy "appetizer" that is a big plate of french fries with some pulled pork and sauce over them, then cheese melted over the whole thing. Woo-hoo! Clogged arteries! Their ribs and pulled pork in sauce are amazing.  But I usually avoid the ribs because I don't like to wear my dinner.  They have excellent chocolate pie too.

3.  Los Bravos. Mexican food. Good stuff. They have several locations in the area. And some of the family split off and opened another mexican joint too. I heard it's just as good, but I haven't eaten there.

4. Big Top Drive-in.  This is a dive.  A small walk-up eatery that serves what I call carnival-type food.  In addition to the normal burgers and fries you can get anywhere, they have giant pork tenderloins, fried ...well, fried everything, and hot dogs, corn dogs, soft-serve ice-cream (the vanilla and/or chocolate kind), and just about anything else you might want.  The ice cream is really inexpensive, a large dish is about a buck and you get like a bucket of the stuff.  But the draw is their fries. They have the best fries ever! They use the crinkle-cut fries. I don't what's so different about they way they deep fry them and salt them, but they taste amazing.

5. Donut Bank Bakery: A gazillion varieties of donuts both of the yeast variety and the cake variety. Their cream-filled long-jonhs use a secret recipe for the cream-filling so it's not just your normal whipped-cream filled donut, but tastes more like a buttercream frosting in the middle.  Their cake donuts are my favorite: plain vanilla cake donutes with white icing and sprinkles, or lightly glazed and rolled in a crumb-topping.

Special Mention: The Slice pizzeria.  This is a local pizza joint across the street from a local university.  They serve a buffet one slice at a time. They have one size of pizza only but you can just about any topping you want if you order a whole pie. This is another place where they have good chicken on their pizzas.  You can also get ranch dressing instead of tomato sauce - which is really delicious combined with pepperoni and chicken.  The prices on their menu is what you pay - they've already figured taxes into their prices and list the price you pay.  They say they round everything to the nearest quarter too.  This is owned by a local guy.  In fact, I stopped in once and he had his baby strapped to his back while he was making and serving pizzas.  That's just cool.

Well, now that I've made myself hungry... I need to go forage in the kitchen.

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