Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Today was my first day back to work after a nice 8-day break from work.  And it's right back into the thick of things this week: I've got a 12-hour shift tomorrow and an extra day on my rotation Saturday paying back a trade for another supervisor who had worked a day for me recently.
On my vacation I did a whole bunch of nothin'.  In fact, I did so much nothin' that my grass is about a foot high and I forgot to get my mom a gift for her birthday.  I called her though to wish her a happy birthday and tell her we'd stop by this weekend.
I did get to do some reading on my vacation.  I got caught up on the Rogue Angel book series that Rubi and I are enjoying. I was four books behind and read three of them. I need to get the latest one that came out recently.  I also read the latest Star Trek Vanguard novel; and it seems like I read a couple of other books too but I don't remember what. 
I got to go to my local Star Wars Fanforce book club meeting. We didn't really talk Star Wars - it was a show and tell this month for everyone to talk about what they've been reading, Star Wars or otherwise. 
Rubi and I spent quite a lot of time on my vacation playing Guild Wars together trying to finish the game and had a blast doing it.  We're one mission away from "finishing" the game.  Cool thing about Guild Wars though - once you've finished the storyline of the game, there's still a ton more things you can do in the game to keep it fresh.
I had a great vacation and am ready for another one. If only I could figure out a way to take a 2-week vacation 26 times a year...

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