Friday, September 28, 2007

ABC Meme

1. A is for age: 34.

2. B is for beer of choice: None.

3. C is for career right now:  Professional Nap-taker! (kidding) Public Safety Communications Supervisor.

4. D is for your dog's name:  If I had a dog, I'd name it Fizzgig..

5. E is for essential item you use everyday: Air.

6. F is for favorite TV show at the moment: Heroes.

7. G is for favorite game:  Uno.

8. H is for Home town:  Evanspatch, Indiana.

9. I is for instruments you play:  None.

10. J is for favorite juice:  Grape.

11. K is for whose butt you'd like to kick:  politicians everywhere.

12. L is for last place you ate:  Home.

13. M is for marriage:  Happily.

14. N is for name:  Kev

15. O is for overnight hospital stays:  Thankfully, No.

16. P is for people you were with today:  Rubi and the kids. Co-workers.

17. Q is for favorite quote: "It's my day off!"  ~Me.

18. R is for Biggest Regret:  Not having lunch today.

19. S is for status:  At work.

20. T is for time u woke up today: Woke up or got out of bed?  The alarm woke me up at 5:40 AM. After pounding on the snooze button a few times, I think I dragged my groggy rear out of bed around 6:10 AM.

21. U is for underwear you have on now: Yes.

22. V is for vegetable you love:  Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

23. W is for worst habit: Procrastination.

24. X is for x-rays you've had:  Teeth, right ring-finger, C-spine (I think it's called).

25. Y is for yummy food you ate today:  Pancakes for breakfast.

26. Z is for the zodiac sign:  Virgo.

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