Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

and Happy Holidays to you and yours.
My parents rock!  They're elderly, and need not be doing the cooking and stuff for the holidays like they used to do.  Most of my siblings have scattered away from Evanspatch, so it's just my oldest sister and her throngs of offspring and me and my family to spend time with my parents.  Scheduling the visits to coincide is difficult though - both my sister and I work jobs where someone has to be there 24/7/365, even holidays (she's a nurse).  Her schedule is a little more forgiving than mine, but not much. It worked out this year that I have to work 2nd shift today when my sister and her clan is visiting with my parents and cooking "Christmas Dinner".  I have to work tomorrow too, but not until 7:00 at night. 
My parents, once they've got had their fill of my sister and her cooking, are going to bring me a plate of food. That's why my parents rock!  Knowing my sister, she'll probably volunteer to do it instead, or make one of her kids do it, so my parents don't have to get out and drive. 
Tomorrow, my family will go visit for a bit with my parents, then head over to Rubi's parents for the rest of the day until I have to leave for work.  I love the holidays.  Rubi's mom always cooks a fantastic spread of delicious food - in fact, she's already set the table with her fancy holiday place settings in anticipation of having family over.  After dinner, we'll watch the kids open a boatload of presents then sit around and "visit" while the kids play with some of their new stuff.

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