Sunday, December 09, 2007

Not A Florida Post

Now that I'm a week behind on my email and such, I'm spending today catching up on some of it.

Recently MCF posted the first part of a story, and asked his readers to finish it. Here's my version.

The light bounced around and flickered. Feeling silly now, I noticed the source of the light: a small brown squirrel had grabbed my keychain and had somehow activated the LED light attached to the chain. The squirrel bounded over the log, scampered across my leg and ran off into the trees behind me.

Another snap from the direction the squirrel ran and this time I instinctively turned, expecting the happy bounding squirrel. Instead, I was faced with a multitude of squirrels! Rows of them, possibly hundreds! Some hanging from tree trunks, others standing tall. All of them holding keychain lights. As one, they all pointed the lights at me and turned them on. In the dimness of the dwindling daylight filtered through the trees, the light was blinding.

Then it was gone. Through the afterimages on my eyes, I could see squirrels still holding the keychains aimed at me. Somewhere in the trees, I heard one of them chitter. Then the lights starting strobing on and off, blinding me repeatedly. I crossed my arms over my eyes, turned and fled back the way I came, leaving my other belongings scattered where they had fallen.

Oddly, I came to the edge of a cliff that hadn't been along my path before. I turned back to retrace my steps but was blocked by the squirrels all holding flashing lights and advancing slowly towards me, strangely silent.

I turned and lept from the cliff.

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