Thursday, December 13, 2007


Buh. Too much on my mind this time of year. Personal stuff aside, trying to deal with Christmas on top of work and the kids school and Kev's work and the household stuff is all a bit much. I've usually got 3 or 4 things I'm trying to do/think about all at once and it bit me in the butt last night. I was leaving work, trying to listen to all three kids at once, who were telling me about their day, and debating to myself whether or not to have them pack their lunches and ready their backpacks that evening, or just put them straight to bed and deal with it in the morning and how much laundry I needed to do and blah blah blah. I threw the van in reverse and backed out, focusing on pretty much everything but my surroundings. And backed right into a coworkers car. [headdesk]

Today was a bit better, we got some errands run after we got the kids off to school. I had the day off work so we did a little Christmas shopping, had a nice lunch with Kev, came home to get some housework done, etc. Pretty relaxing overall and I wound down a bit. Until it was time to get the kids from school.

Yeah. Kev has my car keys. AND HIS. A frantic call to his cellphone yielded no results, because he was almost to work and didn't want to make a coworker stay a bit late while he came home to return my keys. Instead, he had me call my dad to get the keys and bring them to me, while he called the school and had them send the kids to after school care.

The whole "winding down" thing has completely gone away and I'm all stressed out again. [headdesk again]

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