Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Are you on the path to the dark side?

My friend has been begging me to make one of these. She loves those quizes where it decides your " destiny. " So, anyways, here we go.

1. You follow the rules and listen to your master.
a. Yes
b. No
c. What master?

2. You like the color red.
a. No, I'm more for purple.
b. Red rules!
c. Nah, yellow's my thing!

3. You're all for action and killing things.
a. Action, yes, killing, only if needed.
b. YES!!!
c. umm.. Can't just go watch TV?

4. You think it's awesome to crash planes using your mind.
a. Oh yeah!
b. Nah, I like using lightning to throw people out windows.

5. You like long meetings to talk about promoting padawans to Jedi level.
a. Well, sure. Its always good to have a new Jedi around.
b. No, I would rather spy on the people IN the meeting.
c. Well.. I hate work meetings. And what the heck is a padawan?

Mostly a: You are on the path to a jedi master. Someday, you will be as powerful as Yoda.
Mostly b: You're on the path to the dark side, sadly, this cannot be changed.
Mostly c: You are a human. Not a Jedi, Not a sith.
If you had a tie, and b was one of the most you had, you are automattically on the dark side path
If B was not one of them, you are a Human.

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