Monday, February 18, 2008

A Plea

Are there no Geek/Parenting/Christian blog/websites out there?
I haven't found any.  I found today - no indication it's Christian. I found GeekDads at - no luck there.  I found Hipster, Please (via GeekDads and thought he sounded interesting) - nope.  In fact he's quite foul-mouthed (and I just skimmed his front page).
I want to find a good website/blog that caters to Geeks who are parents who are Christians. I don't want Creation-bashing, I don't want cursing, I don't want links to NSFW items, ....  Something that caters to geek parents who like Science Fiction and Fantasy, books, TV, Movies, games, computers, comic books, cons, etc. 
I understand that some aspects of geekdom may have questionable content (see BSG, or, really any TV series) - but don't shove the questionable content at me just because it's titilating! 
It doesn't even have to be overtly Christian in content - as long as I know you're coming from a Christian world-view. I don't expect to read a geek blog and be preached at the same time, or have a book review that includes an altar call. 
Can anyone point to a website/blog like that?

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