Thursday, March 06, 2008

Recent Reads

I've read a few books recently, but haven't felt like giving them a thorough book review.
V: The Second Generation by Kenneth Johnson- not bad. I don't remember so much ...alternate lifestyles in the original TV miniseries, but this book sure had a lot of it!  This book is the sequel to the original V miniseries and ignores V The Final Battle and the TV series that followed.
Zero-G by Alton Gansky - pretty good.  A current day novel about an astronaut after a terrible accident on the space shuttle.
Dark Moon by Alton Gansky - not bad, but not that great either. Didn't like the ending.  Red spot on the moon is growing!! Oh wait, nevermind.
I got a book of Lovecraft stories from the library, but couldn't get into the stories.  Too verbose to be scary, suspenseful, or even interesting.  "I beheld many scary things that reminded me of things the author of this fictional scary story has written about before and I discovered they are real and defy description but look like mutated sea creatures and my friend of which you are already familiar because this story is supposed to be true was driven quite mad by the scary things that defy description but what follows is an accurate description of them from the way they look, feel, and smell, down to their specific origins in the stars aeons ago when they descended to the earth and became like gods to primitive man and drove them mad as well until the ice age froze them all underneath the antarctic ice cap of which I shall now tell you about in intricate detail."  Okay, that's not a direct quote.
Star Wars: Legacy of the Force book 8: Revelation - Excellent book. Easily the best of the LotF series so far.  Space battles, political wrangling, Mara's killer is revealed, Jaina trains with the Mandalorians to kill her brother, a good bad guy dies and an old character returns!

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