Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"The Good Stuff"

Gonna be mushy and sappy this morning. I like sweet talk as much as the next girl - "I love you, you're all I think of, soulmate, etc.". But true love, the good stuff, the stuff you can count on...whoo.

Last night my Kev spent 9.5 hours, all told, being my hero. Fetching Aleve. Letting me lean on his arm and walking slowly. Fetching more Aleve. Letting me lie down with my head in his lap. Helping me change into pajamas. Tucking me in on the sofa. Checking on me every 2 minutes, all "can I get you anything else?". Fetching more Aleve. Helping me change back into my clothes. Driving me to the hospital. Holding my hand in the waiting room and telling me "Just squeeze my hand." Helping me change into a hospital gown. Practically lifting me onto the bed. Tucking me in with those thin little hospital blankets because it was cold in the room. Helping me shift positions 75 times. Checking to make sure my gown was still tied in the back and that the blankets were still keeping me warm. And on and on until I was back home, in pajamas, full of drugs, and tucked into bed.

Well, that's not quite true. Because even this morning, he was continuing. Ran an errand and filled prescriptions for me this morning, even though it meant he was going to be hard pressed to get to work on time. Made sure I had a way to contact him today if I needed anything.

That's the good stuff. The real thing, that you can count on, more than all the sweet, loving words in the world.

<3 Kev.

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