Saturday, April 12, 2008


The other day I was dancing around the living room like a fool to the newest song to catch my attention. Kev watched for a bit, then patted my cheek and said "It's a good thing your'e pretty." [shrug] It's good to have at least one redeeming quality, hee hee!

(That also brings up something else that is beginning to interest me, Final Fantasy. Darn you, Astara...)

Today I discovered Donut Bank's Turtle Latte. Good grief that's good stuff. Chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut. I like my coffee so foo-foo-ed up that it's barely coffee anymore, so this stuff was right up my alley. Incredibly rich, though, I couldn't finish it. Delicious. And fat free, I'm certain of it.

Can anyone recommend a good non-MMO RPG? I'm a Guild Wars girl, so I need graphics that are at least that gorgeous, and shoot-em-up stuff isn't my style. (I played an ele in GW - one friend called me his "Dutchess of nuke-em") Preferably PC, not console.

Oh, hey, if you are clothes shopping? When you are trying on clothes that don't belong to you? PICK 'EM UP OFF THE FLOOR. Seriously, people, why would you take a half dozen $400 evening gowns, and throw them on the floor of the fitting room after you've taken them off, and WALK ON THEM. I swear, those are the same people that come to me whining all "this has a snag in it, will you take something off the price for that?" No, lady, it's snagged because jerks like your daughter think they're too good to pick up after themselves, then walk on them.

Oh yeah, I work retail and prom season is getting to me a bit. Ahem.

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