Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bones is back!

Okay, well, it's BEEN back for a few weeks, but I'm behind. [blush] I've been delighted with the last three episodes. The sweetness between Jack and Angela makes me so happy - they're going to do well.

The last episode thrilled me. I know it was a bit anvilicious making Bones and Booth all domestic and parent-like, but I don't mind anvils as much as some others do. I'm perfectly willing to be taken along for the ride and just enjoy the story they're telling. Boreanaz and Deschanel have amazing chemistry, so it's always a wonderful tale.

I settled in and smiled hugely at the end of the last episode. (Side note: What was that ep. called? I would assume something like "The mother in the car", but am wondering.) Booth's excited rambling about the plasma TV and the sofa and all, while Bones just smiled at him, was a perfect ending. I can't wait for more!

Hurry Tuesday, hurry!

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