Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Save VMK!!

Sadly, The people at VMK have decided to close it. A very important website I've noticed is Please sign to help everybody!

Thank you Isadora for all you're doing and all the time you're giving up to help VMK and it's residents!

On this website, I found news that a protest in Disneyland to Save VMK is going on May 10th. And much, much more! Here are a few of the comments I found on there:

i know someone that has a very rare condition. her body cant feel pain and cant control her body temperature. so she stays inside her home most of her life in a controled temperature environment. if she dares to go somewhere, she has to wear what looks like a vest packed with ice packs. she is home schooled. since she cant go outside to play with other kids and has to be carefully monitored in her activites, she plays vmk. on vmk, people dont know she has this condition. she can have fun and be just like any other normal little girl. she doesnt have to be concerned about the temperature or being careful because of the virtual environment. it also helps her with typing, reading, writing, and some spelling. it also gives her parents a break from monitoring her activies 24/7. they know she is safe on vmk. now what will she do????? they are just being down right cruel to do this to her. when she found out what was happening, she was in tears for nearly an hour. please vmk staff or whoever is doing this, DONT CLOSE VMK. DO IT FOR HER. DO IT FOR LITTLE KIDS ALL OVER WHO MAY HAVE RARE CONDITIONS AND VMK IS THERE ONE CHANCE AT FREEDOM!

My niece is handicapped and is confined to a wheel chair or laying down, her social life is very limited due to her disability. VMK offers her the ability to form friendships, and enables her to have the pleasure of walking, shop, decorate, play games she normally can't play, swim, drive, diving in the ocean, barter, and other skills she can't use in her reality. I can't understand how Disney ( a company geared towards magic with children) cannot have the compassion to keep this website open for the disabled.

Hello Everyone, I have been born with a type of Dwarfism that I can't even begin to spell.. I am made fun of at school all the time because of my hight, but on VMK was the first time I realized that just because I had a problem outside I have an extreme love for Disney.. I love Disney and they should just let us win.. this one time..

These were just a few of the comments that made me want to save VMK all the more. Please help!

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