Friday, May 23, 2008

School's out!

School's out! Whee! Now whatta I do during summer? Ooh ooh! I know! Computer, gameboy, gamecube, more computer, get stung by something, more computer.

For our last day of school, we went to a rollerblading arena and to the mall food court for lunch. I managed to get a meal a chick~fil~a for 1.57, and some dippin' dots for 3.00. At the rollerblading arena, I payed for skate rental ( I think that was 3 or 4 dollars. ) bought a slushie for 1 dollar, got several light-up widgets for about 6.00, and played some video games, which used up 3.00.

During the last five minutes of school, the principal got on the intercom and started playing HSM2: Schools out on a radio in front of the intercom mic. We totally embarrassed ourselves in those last few minutes. Some girls started doing the macarena, while I ran to the front of the room, stood on a chair, and did the canopener. The teacher was too deep in laughter to say anything. Such fun.

Great last day of school.

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